The mandalas in crochet are divided into several groups of different sizes and colors and are used for many purposes, as: pendulums, pendants, paintings and frames as well as in applications in crochet bags, carpets, pillows ... Uniting the passion for crochet and the passion for mandalas, separate graphics very nice crochet mandalas, is simple to make. The essentials for this step by step crochet are crochet washcloth, rows are crochet colors you prefer, scissors and beads, as well as miscellaneous crafts decorating treats.I love crochê!

>>Free Pattern : Tutorial spoke mandala <<

Free Pattern Stitch of crochet zig zag Afghan

Hand made with a needle, the art of crochet patterns free requires technique and dedication, left behind the old people thing fame and became vintage piece, full of style and personality. Always reappears in fashion, he turned fever, won a sophisticated and unique status, a type of sewing known as the hobby of grannies has gained more prominence in the fashion world and has become a fad among celebrities. It is always associated with simplicity, but allows refinement with the use of more elaborate materials. This is a different and delicate point, with it you can make beautiful quilts or let your creativity to succeed, with the graphic everything becomes clearer to start working at this point. Of course, as I am in love with crochet free, will now start making a blanket for my daughter. Images and graphics found navigating the magical world of the internet, if you like it share with your friends. Kisses, soon bring news!

Pattern to crochet flower

No limits to creativity that exists to make the crochet, for example.
Are models of very varied in crochet stitches and different formats, many colors, that they let those who like this art, really delighted.
Check out more tips to make crochet and learn more and more to make wonderful crafts crochet work.
These can be made with various types of crochet yarn, but today the most used are the strings both raw as the colored ones.
More simple or more elaborate pieces of crochet, but before long allow you to give a special touch and even more happy and relaxed.

Handbag of crochet

You who loves fashion and crochet crafts, can not fail to take the opportunity to have a beautiful crochet handbag. The crochet handbags are elegant and proper to go everywhere and the coolest is that they are unique crochet crafts or almost unique that only you will have. Lately, fashion has greatly appreciated the clothing options and crochet accessories. crochet work are high and really make the head of the main designers.

Beautiful crochet blouse

For those who have the ability, crochet blouse can be a great option to mount your style with your own hands, give a super unique gift for any loved one or even earn money by selling these wonderful pieces. In Crochet Blog Free, you will find many cool models with tutorials. And many crochet pieces - Check templates, graphics and recipes of crochet. For current trends, vibrant color, is among the highlights. So you can take the models of crochet and develop with other more exuberant colors. ethnic colors can inspire, but very much alive and fun colors can be a more interesting alternative, leaving the look of more contemporary crochet piece.

Poncho crochet ... very charming

Hello girlfriends , I would like to share with you a tutorial on how knitting a Poncho.
A poncho is the perfect compromise between a sweater and a jacket. The cowl-neck variety eliminates the need for an additional scarf and the loose fit means you can layer as much as you’d like without looking bulky, making them flattering for any occasion. Ponchos are all the rage once again – they are the perfect autumn layer, like a cozy light blanket you can throw on over anything! The Perfect Fall Poncho features a simple cable-look pattern so it works up fast, an easy to wear shape , and is one size fits just about all adults!

Flower pattern

Very pretty knitting pattern

knitting pattern with elongated loops can be performed in one or more colors of wires. This knitting pattern is suitable for creating children's clothing, hats, and outerwear.