Heart of crochet

Heart: Symbol of Love!!!! You knew that the heart of the way that we know exists due to a couple of swans? They say that to observe 2 swans together, great pals their long necks united form a drawing very interesting and as swans are very faithful, living together until death, it was decided to assign this drawing the human heart, as this is a symbol of love. Here in this post you will find several reasons to fall in love with. Are beautiful hearts made of crochet.


Silver colored beads with a large enough hole to be threaded on your yarn. Mine are from a neckless I slaughtered, bought at a sale for 3 USD…
2 Daisy granny squares. Just follow this link to to Color’n Cream http://bit.ly/2agLG1J , where Jenn Poort has made an excellent photo pattern in English, called Vintage Flowers, which inspired me to make my Daisy Granny Squares. Or if you are if you are an enough adventurous person, follow the link to  photo pattern http://bit.ly/29SgxPJ .
4 Daisy granny squares with a heart bow shaped edge (I will show you how to make it, don’t worry!)

If you like, a piece of thin foam rubber or cardboard.


Crochet 4 Daisy granny squares according to the usual pattern BUT when you have two corners left on the last round you crochet the corners as below:

1. 1 ch
2. 3 sc in corner st
3. 1 ch
4. *3 dc in next st* Repeat 2 times.
5. Crochet the next corner as your last and finish the round as usual.
6. The front or back of your heart.

Assembly your heart with the back of your squares facing each other. I use sc in the back loop.

Your heart will be as beautiful on both side but depending on how you intend to display it, you should consider whether you want to fill it with something or not.

If it is to hang on the wall, you need no filling. But if it should hang freely and dangle you should use a thin piece of foam or cardboard (which you cut into a heart shape) or it will not be displayed in the very best way.


1. Thread the beads on your ball of yarn. I used about 80 beads but to be on the safe side, thread a few more. You crochet the border with the wrong side of your work facing you (the border becomes slightly more visible from the front then). Pick any stitch to start.
2. 1 ch
3. Crochet one bead with the next ch (It sounds so much more confusing than what it is – just give it a try!)
4-5. skip 1 st, 1 sl st
Repeat 2-5 until you have finished the whole round. You make the hanger when you are at the space between the arcs of the heart.
Hanger: *1 ch, in the next ch you also include a bead* Repeat between the * until you feel that your hanger has the right size.
6. A close up of the border seen from the back.

SOURCE : http://bit.ly/2afnxf5